Frequently Asked Questions


Is my door "prebuilt" or "built to order"?

All orders are built to order.


How long does it take for delivery?

Under normal circumstances production and delivery times range from 2-3 weeks.


How will by order be delivered?

Orders inside of the Northeast US typically ship in our company delivery trucks, orders are typically shrink wrapped with cardboard liners on the top and bottom. All orders outside of the Northeast US (NY, NJ, NH, OH, PA, CT, RI, LI, MA, MD, ME, VT, DE, VA and WV) are shipped via Freight Shipping with liftgate service, orders are foam wrapped and crated. For orders that are crated you will need a screw gun with a phillips head tip to remove the top of the crate.


Will my door be predrilled for hardware (track hardware, handle, etc)?

If you order the track hardware and/or handle from Distinctive Doors we machine for those items, if you order the track hardware and/or handle from anyone else you will need to machine for their specific hardware configuration. Doors with the mirror 1 side option will NOT be predrilled for the handle hardware as the handle location will depend on which way you face the side of the door with the mirror.


Can I download the track hardware installation manuals?

Yes the hardware manuals can be downloaded by clicking on the following links.